CAV and DeNA Jointly Discover & Support Social Game Developers in China and Japan

DeNA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya Ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomoko Namba, "DeNA") and CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya Ku, Tokyo, President: Soichi Tajima, "CAV"), will jointly discover and support social game developers in Asia, including Japan and China.

Specifically, DeNA will invest JPY500 million to each of "CA-JAIC China Internet Fund II, L.P." jointly established by CAV, a subsidiary of CyberAgent Inc. (President & CEO: Susumu Fujita, "CA") and Japan Asia Investment (China) Co., Ltd., a Chinese subsidiary of Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. ("JAIC"), and " CA Incubation Investment Fund I L.P. (tentative name)" established by CAV.
Through the funds, CAV will discover and support potential social game developers, and will ultimately aim to bring them on the open social platforms such as "Mobage-town", "Yahoo! Mobage" and other global platforms of smart phone.
DeNA and CA have a lot of cooperation achievements in the past, for example CA has developed and provided 15 titles on DeNA's "Mobage-town." In the background of the significant development of the worldwide social game market, DeNA and CA believe the two companies' cooperation in discovering and supporting Asian social game developers beneficial for both, therefore DeNA determined to invest the funds at this time.

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