Hideyuki Ebihara Head of Seoul Office


Japan is ahead of the curve in the mobile business. Moreover, with one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world and a track record of creating cutting-edge Internet services, South Korea is a market with the potential to bring the most cutting-edge business in the world in the era of smart devices. As the time has come, we are just a step away from the birth of mega-ventures in these two countries, which then soon reach global market. Leveraging my past experience in investment in Japan, CAV’s Asia-focused global network, and our expertise in Internet sector, I am fully committed to provide support for the creation of leading mega-ventures in the smart device era and assisting ambitious entrepreneurs. I'm looking forward to seeing entreprenurs who have strong passion to expand their bussiness into Japan and Asean.


Mr. Ebihara worked in a marketing consulting company where he planned and practiced various kinds of marketing promotional strategies for mainly major manufacturers. In 2005, he joined CyberAgent Ventures. During the past years, he served as an executive board member for a portfolio company, and helped development of strategies and improvement of operations. During 2007 to 2012, he worked on investment and incubation activeties in Japan, and he now serves as a head of Korea operations.Mr.Ebihara is a graduate of Waseda University,department of Faculty of Social Sciences.



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