Elsha Eliasa Kwee Investment Associate


People often talk about the glory of successful entrepreneurs and ventures, but rarely do they ever talk about the hard work that goes into building these businesses. Starting and building a business requires courage and perseverance, and I respect entrepreneurs who took that leap of faith and worked hard in order to build their ventures. I’m looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs who can use technology to make things more efficient in emerging markets, make life easier for many people, and create products or services that will put Indonesia on the global map. Some categories that interest me include blockchain technology, financial technology, video, O2O and new business models that will disrupt the market.


After graduating from university, Elsha worked at one of the major telecommunications companies in the US. Then she left the US for Osaka, Japan, to study the Japanese language and culture. Upon her return to Indonesia in 2014, she became a member of CyberAgent Ventures Indonesia. She graduated from University of Washington with B.A. in business administration, concentrating on information systems.


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